Special Needs Initiative


April is Autism Acceptance Month

The Arc and Slightly Altered States are committed to changing the way autism is portrayed in media and entertainment. Our Ty Rex reading + Talk Back at The Arc will be the first of many events and shows to facilitate that change. It is time for autistic individuals to be at the helm of stories about them -and time for more stories to be told- in line with “nothing about us without us,” our talented autistic colleagues are collaborating with us to control this narrative and presentation, and address the need for change of this narrative in media and entertainment.

Call for Script Submissions

Following our mission to grow awareness of people we live with every day, we are seeking script submissions.  This year, the focus will be on language-based and nonverbal learning disabilities, including Autism Spectrum Disorders.  The top two scripts will receive readings onstage at our 2019 production of SAS’s original production of Ty Rex, inspired by SAS founders’ five years and on-going teaching experiences in neurodiverse schools.

Please send all submissions to sastheatercompany@gmail.com, with the subject line: SAS Initiative Script Submission