Our Mission

Artists are always the first to be censored in dictatorships, because the first step to actualizing change is imagining it –and the first thing lost in oppressive societies is the power to realize your dreams. To quote the underrated Field of Dreams: If you build it, they will come!

We are inspired by people who are physically, emotionally, or neurologically unique. We use our life experience as educators in specialized communities to bring the issues and narratives in those communities to life.  We believe in the power of story-telling to change to world: We are the stories we tell ourselves.  We believe in theater that can only be presented live, and are committed to finding unique ways to use design and technology to further our stories.  We strive to create bridges between people who normally would not interact, and to awaken imagination with darkly funny, slightly-absurd material that deals truthfully with the extraordinary in everyday circumstances.

Our shows are explorations of the full spectrum of emotions and senses, creating a synesthesiac fusing of sight, sense, sound, words, and action, combining our love for a menacing magical realism and the old fashioned beauty of language, with the subversiveness of Joe Orton and a passion for The Marx Brothers.