Mr Landing Takes a Fall - The Flea Theater

Mr. Landing Takes a Fall is smart, witty, and richly symbolic...a strong new voice in the [Absurdist] genre may be emerging.


...starts off surreal and then assumes the atmosphere of a fever dream. The play is sharpest when poking at the thin veneer between the domestic and the animalistic—and Adam LeFevre is especially effective as the alternately avuncular and aggressive Mr. Landing...

The New Yorker

Sari’s Caine’s absurd, melancholy and unexpectedly violent drawing room comedy…full-throttles its four players through an evening filled with revelations…

The Villager

Mr. Landing Takes a Fall” is a sharp play. Not only deeply sharp, but sharply deep at times. Its remarkable writing, strong ensemble cast, and skilled direction make for a winning production!

The Columbia Spectator

A hilarious and touching absurdist exploration of who we live with and how we live with them, acted with gusto by a great ensemble.

Theater is Easy

With the aid of whisky, the characters’ secrets, repressed feelings, and clothing are casted off…. I was surprised and impressed by the amount of physical acting and how the set design was integrated into the performance  ... Mr. Landing Takes a fall, is for those that are open to questioning themselves.

Broadway Voice

…often outlandish yet surprisingly touching and excellently acted…the talented cast, under Sherri Eden Barber’s direction, does a splendid job bringing it all to life.

Howard Miller, Talkin’ Broadway Off Broadway

Bottom Line: A hilarious and touching absurdist exploration of who we live with and how we live with them, acted with gusto by a great ensemble.

Dave Osmundsen, Theatre is Easy

The Chess Lesson - IRT Theater

||| Time Out Good-Odds pick 3 weeks in a row |||

The Chess Lesson is a delightful and wise comic one-act about indulging in childlike flights of fancy and why we need to do that in the face of sadness or loneliness or bitterness. I recommend it highly.

Martin Denton of

[A] delightful trope for humankind’s inveterate attempt to understand 'how things came to be.

David Roberts of Theatre Reviews Limited

[T]he performances that director Elizabeth Miller gets from her cast are filled with intimate emotional details... The Chess Lesson is one of those multifaceted finds that rewards those who bravely search out new plays at small theaters.

Dan Callahan of L Magazine

Ok, so I got up at 3 this morning to write this, to say you have to see The Chess Lesson at the IRT theater, a tiny tiny place for which you have to wait out in the hall before it opens, and please go and wait and go in, and have a glass of wine ( no intermission, so have it NOW or then after, and tell your friends)
That's about it: and the dance at the end will either bring tears to your eyes or you perhaps don't get it, and that's ok too
I love it when the highlight of the season, one of them at least, is in a theatre way downtown (154 Christopher, third floor, don't be discouraged, get there), well, get there.

The Thing About Dan - IRT Theater

The Thing About Dan is a very good first show to highlight Slightly Altered States productions mission and niche, in that it is all about us asking ourselves ‘What is really real in this play?’ and more than than, what is truly real in our beliefs, and in our interactions with others?

Stephen Tortora-Lee –